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I am a general contractor and I took this class to enhance my businesses’ portfolio. This class is helping me to scale up both my income and my business. With this solar training, my umbrella just opened up!



MSETA is definitely a training program that I recommend for returning citizens and those that have gotten caught in the system. I am currently dealing with a situation in which I am on house arrest, however, I still manage to come to class everyday, get my homework done and pass my tests.This solar training class is going to help me establish my future. The instructors at MSETA are excellent! They give you all the particulars that you need to pass the course and to be successful in your future.



My goal is to start my own business and this solar training class with MSETA will allow me to be the entrepreneur that I have always wanted to be so that I don’t have to work for someone else. I am looking forward to passing this knowledge on to my children to create generational wealth in my family.

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