5 reasons you should go with solar

1. It Saves You Money

Consider how much your total energy bill was for 2019. In most states, you save a minimum of $100 on your energy bill each month when you have solar panels.

Over a couple of decades, you could save tens of thousands of dollars.

Since you’re paying the panel provider for the energy instead of the government, you pay less for service. The company takes care of all repairs and maintenance needs. That means less spending for you.

2. Financing Options

When solar panels first hit the market, consumers were astounded by their costs. Today, after over a decade of improving, there are affordable financing options available.

Even the tightest of budgets can afford this money-saving energy option.

In some finance plans, you pay as little as no money down. Plus, there are federal and state tax credits that allow you to claim a portion of your residential solar panels, in addition to other awesome tax incentives.

3. Skyrocket Your Home’s Value

Did you know that homes sell faster when they have solar panels? Buyers see the panels as a sign of low energy bills which is a big deal.

In fact, houses with solar panels sell for $15,000 more than houses without them.

If you’re looking to increase your home’s value, save the bathroom reno for another time. Get solar panels installed now for an instant value boost.

4. It’s Super Durable

Nothing lasts forever, but solar panels come pretty close! Solar panels from Rethink Electric last for a minimum of 35 years.

That’s 35 years of saving money, producing energy, and cleaning the planet.

Most solar panel packages require little maintenance or service. There’s one component, the inverter, that may need replacing every 12-20 years. But, your solar panel installer can help you take care of that!

5. It Helps the Economy and the Planet

The growing solar energy industry is creating jobs for Americans and stimulating the economy. Instead of importing petroleum from other countries, solar allows America to become energy independent.

Not only is that good for our economy, but it’s also good for the planet.

If we all switched to solar, the number of carbon emissions in the atmosphere would decrease drastically. This would help halt the climate change that’s causing so much destruction and loss on our planet.